About Us


Our Mission

The mission of Watermark Management Group is simple:

Building Relationships with client companies and candidates by operating with dedication, integrity and excellence.  Utilizing over 20 years of industry experience and maximizing existing relationships to support our client’s needs allows us to accomplish our mission.  Our mission is also accomplished because of a strong desire to improve the lives of our candidates.  

Watermark Management Group was formed in May of 2009 with CEO, Amy Watson at the helm.  Amy served as Vice President Of Business Development at a similar firm for 12 years.  We are dedicated to the hospitality industry and enjoy relationships with both national chains as well as franchise groups.  

Our approach to identifying the best candidates for our clients is traditional in it’s approach as we realize that people don’t change in their desire for relationship.  Technologies may change and ease of communication continues to evolve, but it is still our opinion that old- fashioned interaction with people in all parts of the recruiting process is vital.  Because of this, we enjoy a one on one relationship with our candidates and often follow them throughout their career.  We do not present a single candidate to multiple clients as we feel that is counter productive and not in the best interest of our clients or our candidates.

Watermark Management Group is based in the Greater Tampa Bay Area (Florida) but recruits nationwide for our client companies.  As a Christian organization it is our desire to make a difference in the world and demonstrate the highest character and business practices.